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Stockroom Coordinator (Choppin Hall)

Remote (Baton Rouge, LA)
All Job Postings will close at 12:01a.m. CST (1:01a.m. EST) on the specified Closing Date (if designated). If you close the browser or exit your application prior to submitting, the application progress will be saved as a draft. You will be able to access and complete the application through “My Draft Applications” located on your Candidate Home page. Job Posting Title: Stockroom Coordinator (Choppin Hall)
Position Type: Professional / Unclassified
Department: LSUAM Science - Chem - Undergraduate Programs (Kandace Thomas Hurst (00012448))
Work Location: 0122 A.R. Choppin Hall - Chemistry
Pay Grade: Professional
Job Description: The Stockroom Coordinator is responsible for directing and supervising the warehousing of supplies and equipment for the General Chemistry Laboratories in the Department of Chemistry. He or she determines equipment needs for the General Chemistry Laboratories including all supplies for general chemistry lab classes such as 1212 and 1431. The Stockroom Coordinator works independently, purchasing all chemicals, supplies, and equipment needed to conduct general chemistry laboratories and maintains the accounting records and submits these to the Chemistry Office according to Chemistry procedures. Job Duties 30% TECHNICAL EXPERTISE AND CHEMICAL KNOWLEDGE: Keeps abreast of current trends and technology relating to laboratory equipment, material handling, and experimental techniques. Utilizes chemical knowledge and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), to determine the safe and proper storage of each item. Due to the extreme danger of some chemicals and the hazards of many others, this requires specific knowledge of the reactive, unstable, explosive, or unacceptable toxic chemicals found in labs. Prepares solutions and chemicals required for lab courses. Troubleshoots problems that arise with chemicals, solutions, and instruments used in labs. Performs minor repairs to instruments and equipment and/or sends them for repair. Oversees multiple student workers and graduate students in the stockroom as they perform duties from customer service functions to preparation of lab materials (chemicals, supplies, etc.). Additionally supervises and performs resetting functions to prepare labs prior to each new experiment of each semester. During lab period handles student requests ranging from additional chemicals and assistance with instruments to first aid needs and getting help from instructors when needed. Updates and maintains computers and projectors in laboratories and the stockroom. Collects hazardous waste generated in the labs and stockroom and works with LSU Environmental Health and Safety to properly dispose of it.
20% INVENTORY: Reconciles inventory records with respect to physical count to assess security of property and chemicals. Screens property to decide its usefulness as surplus and arranges transfer of property to surplus via the Building Coordinator when necessary. Plans and supervises receipt, storage, and distribution of supplies, specialty items, and equipment for teaching laboratories. Supervises maintenance of facilities (teaching labs). Compiles and submits reports of damage, outdated stock or supplies, over and under shipments, return of goods to vendor; Maintains inventory control on all lab drawers and cabinets. Verifies each for contents periodically during each semester. Sorts and organizes these according to established policy. Maintains inventory of all supplies, chemicals, and equipment. Maintains files with related information. Distributes chemicals, glassware, and other needed supplies for teaching labs. 20% PURCHASING AND ACCOUNTING: Orders in excess of $40,000 worth of laboratory chemicals, supplies and equipment each year, planning orders in advance. Researches competitive prices from multiple vendors. Determines effective ordering strategies when placing large volume orders for all teaching labs. Negotiates and acquires appropriate discounts when available. Adjusts billing notices and rectifies errors. Determines breakage fees and prepares breakage spreadsheets to submit to the chemistry administrative office for electronic submission. This task must be handled carefully for extreme accuracy since it involves reimbursements of university funds. 15% ADMINISTRATIVE: Manages teaching labs. Keeps inventory on and maintains lab equipment (fume hoods, instruments, sinks, etc.), supplies (labels, first aid kits, etc,), and safety equipment (safety showers, fire blankets, etc.). Maintains original paper and electronic records for each student enrolled during a given semester. Updates these records and preserves original files in compliance with university requirements. Disseminates all forms for students. Maintains a file of current and past laboratory manuals. Supplies graduate teaching assistants with proper supplies as needed to conduct daily classes including filter paper, cleaning supplies, dry erase markers, etc. 10% STOCKROOM: Keeps the stockroom and staging rooms orderly and clean. Routinely cleans all glassware, materials, etc. and reorganizes based on the space needed for items. Discards items and chemicals that are no longer useful or needed. Provides prompt and courteous service to both students and teaching faculty. 5% OTHER: Additional duties as specified by Senior Instructor. Minimum Qualifications
  • Bachelor's degree
  • Minimum 1 year of related experience
Special or Physical Qualifications: Physical ability and eye-hand coordination necessary to use a computer/laptop/iPad; ability to sit and/or stand in the same position for extended periods (3.5 to 4 hours) at a time; Ability to lift 50 lbs.; Ability to communicate clearly and effectively through the use of phone, e-mail, and direct contact with individuals; Position may require occasional work outside of the normal 8am to 4:30pm workday, including some weekends and evenings related to special projects and/or deadlines. Safety and Security Sensitive Job - Safety and security-sensitive positions are defined as those positions where any form of substance abuse may affect University activities through unsafe work behavior/performance or error in judgment; or where substance abuse could jeopardize the safety and well-being of employees, other personnel, or the general public, or cause significant damage to university property. This includes positions requiring firearms, access to controlled substances,
handling hazardous material, operating heavy equipment or machinery, etc. These positions are subject to drug screens per PS-67/FASOP HR-04.
Additional Job Description: Special Instructions: Applicants must provide a cover letter, resume and contact information for three professional references. Please note that original transcripts are required prior to date of hire. For questions about the position, please contact Amy Commander at:
Posting Date: December 18, 2023
Closing Date (Open Until Filled if No Date Specified):
Additional Position Information: Background Check - An offer of employment is contingent on a satisfactory pre-employment background check. Benefits - LSU offers outstanding benefits to eligible employees and their dependents including health, life, dental, and vision insurance; flexible spending accounts; retirement options; various leave options; paid holidays; wellness benefits; tuition exemption for qualified positions; training and development opportunities; employee discounts; and more! Remote Work - Positions approved to work remotely outside the State of Louisiana shall be employed through Louisiana State University’s partner, nextSource Workforce Solutions, for Employer of Record Services including but not limited to employment, benefits, payroll, and tax compliance. Positions employed through Employer of Record Services will be offered benefits and retirement as applicable through their provider and will not be eligible for State of Louisiana benefits and retirement.
Essential Position (Y/N):
LSU is an Equal Opportunity Employer and SAME Agency: LSU believes diversity, equity, and inclusion enrich the educational experience of our students, faculty, and staff, and are necessary to prepare all people to thrive personally and professionally in a global society. We celebrate diversity and are committed to the principles of diversity and inclusion. We actively seek and encourage qualified applications from persons with diverse backgrounds, cultures and experiences. To learn more about how LSU is committed to diversity and inclusivity, please see LSU’s Diversity Statement and Roadmap . LSU is also designated as a State As a Model Employer (SAME) agency and provides assistance to persons needing accommodations or with the accessibility of materials. For those seeking such accommodations or assistance related to this search, we encourage you to contact the Office of Human Resource Management ( ).
HCM Contact Information: For questions or concerns related to updating your application with attachments (e.g., resumes, RS:17 documents), date of birth, or reactivating applications, please contact the LSU Human Resources Management Office at 225-578-8200 or email . For questions or concerns regarding the status of your application or salary ranges, please contact the department using the information provided in the Special Instructions section of this job posting.

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